Japan Day - Fireworks Display -- This year’s theme is "Japanese tradition"

Start: approx. 23:00

Duration: approx. 25 minutes

Fireworks launch site: Oberkasseler Rheinwiesen (Oberkassel Rhine meadows)

The grand finale of this festival of culture and dialogue will be a huge Japanese fireworks display, lasting around 25 minutes, whose theme this year is "Japanese tradition - art and culture".

Scene I: Opening – “The art of fireworks”

More than 400 years ago, the tradition of fireworks, originally born in Europe, came to Japan. Today, Japanese fireworks are among the most beautiful in the world. Enjoy the art of Japanese fireworks.

Scene II: “The world of Sumi-e paintings”

In this scene, an impressive firework is produced by using only burning coal to represent light and shadow. Immerse yourself in the refined and profound world of Sumi-e.

Scene III: “Ikebana flower arrangement”

Various colors and shapes appear in the sky and thus present intricate blossom beauties. Feel the magic of the four seasons.

Scene IV: “Nihon-buyō, a Japanese dance”

Nihon-buyō is known as a particularly graceful dance form. Discover colorful kimonos, umbrellas and fans that seem to dance brilliantly over the sky.

The combination of traditional technology and new materials has created the most famous form of Japanese fireworks - Kamuro. Nowadays, the Japanese Kamuro is used all over the world. Enjoy the golden rain that enchants the sky over Düsseldorf.

Duration of fireworks display: approx. 25 minutes

“Magic fire above Düsseldorf” on WDR TV
Saturday, 26 May, 22:45 to approx. 23:30