Japan Day - Fireworks Display -- This year’s theme is "Trip to Japan"

Start: approx. 23:00

Duration: approx. 25 minutes

Fireworks launch site: Oberkasseler Rheinwiesen (Oberkassel Rhine meadows)

The grand finale of this festival of culture and dialogue will be a huge Japanese fireworks display, lasting around 25 minutes, whose theme this year is "Voyage to Japan".

Scene I: Opening – “Festival in Japan”

The most important essence in a Japanese festival is the sound of drums and whistles. The beat of drums and whistles play unique melodies. The Japan's original rhythm will welcome you by stimulating your sense of hearing.

Scene II: “Characters' Parade”

One of the pop culture that represents Japan is manga. Tonigh in Düsseldorf you may find many 2-dimensional characters of Japanese Manga.

Scene III: “Spiritual Spots”

Do you know there is a special place called "power spot"? It is a spiritual spot where you may feel the energy from the earth. Feel the spiritual energy that will heal your mind by watching this fireworks.

Scene IV: “At Sushi Bar”

Delicous cuisine enriches your mind. Tonight's main course is Japanese Sushi. Tuna fish, baked eggs and sushi rolls.

Scene V: FINALE "Japan with cherry-blossoms"

At the end of the voyage, please feel the heart of Japan. The most famous symbol of Japan, cherry-blossoms will be out into the night sky of Duesseldorf. The fully blooming cherry flowers with golden fireworks will shake your heart and become the unforgettable memory in your voyage.

Duration of fireworks display: approx. 25 minutes

“Magic fire above Düsseldorf” on WDR TV
Saturday, 26 May, 22:45 to approx. 23:30