12:30 Main stage

Official welcome and opening

Thomas Geisel, Lord Mayor of the City of Düsseldorf

Toru Yamaguchi, President of the Japanese Club

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry and digital innovation

Masato Iso, Japanese Consul General in Düsseldorf

Kensaku Morita, Governor of Chiba Prefecture

Main Stage Programme

Presenters: Petra Albrecht and Miya Suzuki

13:30 Japanese Kindergarten
13:50 Rhein-Kindergarten
14:10 Japanese Kindergarten St. Franziskus-Xaverius 
14:35 Rhein-Kindergarten Genki Club Cheer R.G. Kids
14:55 EKŌ-Kindergarten
15:20 Taiko-Kids
16:05 Japanese International School/children’s choir
16:45 Japanese International School/wind sectionensemble with the Japanese Club orchestra
17:35 Todoroki Stuttgart (Japanese Dance)
18:15 Presentation ceremony: Winner of the cosplay fashion show competition
1st prize: Ticket to Japan (sponsored by JAL)
18:35 MIYABI (Japanese drummers)
19:20 Koto Group
19:50 Men’s choir + Sakura choir
20:30 Presentation of donations
20:50 Takuya Taniguchi (Taiko drummers)
Kurofune is a new kind of Japanese jazz band that incorporates the traditional arts of two different regions of Japan into its music: the tsugaru shamisen, a three-stringed long-necked lute from northern Japan and Shima-uta, the traditional singing style from the Amami Islands in southern Japan. The group was founded around Tomotaka Sekiya, bassist with the band TRI4TH; performances by the front vocalist Anna Sato (known as the “diva of Amami-uta songs”) include the title song of the NHK historical drama “Segodon”. They will be presenting a selection of their repertoire on Japan Day.
23:00 Japanese firework