Side Programme



BLACK BOX – Cinema at the Film Museum

Schulstraße 4

25 May, 12:00 - 22:00

Hachimiri Madness – Japanese Indies from the Punk Years (1977-1990)

In 2016, under the title of “Hachimiri Madness – Japanese Indies from the Punk Years” the Berlinale Forum showed a series of newly digitalised Japanese 8-mm films from the years 1977 to 1990 that exude the rebellious spirit of that period: Japanese low-budget early works whose directors have meanwhile become better known with further films. Very few of these “Japanese indies” have been screened internationally. To mark Japan Day, the Filmmuseum will be showing a selection of this programme. All of the films will be shown in Japanese with English subtitles.

12:00 Uhr: 
HANASARERU GANG Nobuhiro Suwa, 1984, 85 min

14:00 Uhr: 
HAPPINESS AVENUE Katsuyuki Hirano, 1986, 93 min

16:00 Uhr: 
HIGH-SCHOOL-TERROR Macoto Tezka, 1979, 6 min

THE RAIN WOMEN Shinobu Yaguchi, 1990, 72 min

18:00 Uhr:
THE ADVENTURE OF DENCHU-KOZO Shinya Tsukamoto, 1988, 47 min

TOKYO CABBAGEMAN K Akira Ogata, 1980, 59 min

20:00 Uhr:
ISOLATION OF 1/880000 Sogo Ishii, 1977, 43 min

I AM SION SONO!! Sion Sono, 1984, 37 min

22:00 Uhr:
A MAN’S FLOWER ROAD Sion Sono, 1986, 110 min

Admission: free | FSK-recommended for over-18s only

EKÔ-Haus der Japanischen Kultur e. V.

Brüggener Weg 6

The best way to get to EKÔ-Haus is with bus No. 836, going from the Kniebrücke stop to the stop at the intersection of Lütticher Strasse/ Niederkasseler Kirchweg.

24 May, 19:30, concert on the eve of Japan Day

Wadōkyō Open Air (taiko concert). Admission: free

25 May, 13:00–18:00 Viewing of the large temple garden and the Buddhist temple.

(The traditional wooden house is closed, apart from tea ceremonies for which a fee is charged.) The temple will be opened on the garden side, from where it may be viewed but not entered. Admission: free

Gotan-e-Festival, starts 14:00

18 May–2 June, exhibition

“Open Blossoms” – The Magic of Characters

calligraphy exhibition with guidance from Rie Wada. Admission: free

9 May–2 June, exhibition

Matsuri – Japanese Folk Festivals: A Photo Journey Over 40 Years

Photographs by Kristina Thomas. Admission: free 


Haus der Universität

Schadowplatz 14

SHIMA dance operetta

17 May, 19:00, Heinrich-Heine Universität, Hörsaal 3A
18 May, 16:00, 19:30, Haus der Universität 
Doors open: 30 minutes before show starts

The incense-stick firework “Senkō-Hanabi” is associated with the end of summer in Japan. The artist duo SHIMA (獅馬) will be offering spectators the groundbreaking experience of a new total work of art in which the transformation of the firework is connected with a physical performance, like a spark fairy that plays and dances around the fire and slowly breaks little bits of fire off the blaze.

Admission: Adults € 10.00 | Concessions € 5.00


Schulstrasse 4

25 May, 13:00, 14:00


2 guided tours of 30 minutes each – a stroll through the Japanese collection at the Hetjens–German Museum of Ceramics.

We invite you to a stroll through our collection.

You will be accompanied by the artist, Naomi Akimoto, who will be pointing out the special features of Japanese ceramics. You will discover interesting and exciting facts about the differences between European and Japanese art, and what the two have in common. On the basis of various objects, Naomi Akimoto will also be comparing European dining cultures with those of the Land of the Rising Sun.  

SchifffahrtMuseum im Schlossturm

Burgplatz 30

25 May, 12:00

Public guided tour

When around half-a-million visitors come together for Japan Day in Düsseldorf, the SchifffahrtMuseum (Maritime Museum) will be joining in the celebrations, offering a guided tour in Japanese for the first time on that day.


Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf

Berger Allee 2

21 May, 13:00–17:00

4–26 May, Tue.–Sun. 11:00–18:00

unDgleich! – exhibition project by the Cecilien-Gymnasium secondary school and the Japanese International School in Düsseldorf

Many Japanese features have become an integral part of today’s cityscape. Around 400 Japanese businesses and a Japanese community of over 8,000 people have helped to shape Düsseldorf. At the same time, cultural differences ensure a mutually enriching diversity – and that goes for the schools too: an official partnership has existed for almost 40 years between the Japanese International School in Düsseldorf and the Cecilien-Gymnasium secondary school. The joint exhibition at the Stadtmuseum, which uses art as a means of communication, aims to reflect the exciting interplay of common points and differences. The exhibition will focus on the themes of literature / imagination, dining culture, the city, architecture and festivals / traditions.

Admission: € 4.00 | Concessions: € 2.00 | 17:00–18:00 admission free (Happy Hour)

Sundays: admission free

25 May, 13:00–16:00

The Japanese International School and the Stadtmuseum jointly invite you to a creative exploration. Katakana for all ages

One of the special qualities of the Japanese language is its complex system of characters. Find out more today at a short introduction in front of the Stadtmuseum! Together we will be taking a look at the syllabary for non-Japanese words, and will show you how to transliterate your own name into Katakana.

Origami made easy

Many people are familiar with the Japanese art of paper-folding – but have you ever actually given it a try? Everyone is invited to a brilliant and colourful origami course with the Japanese International School which will take place outside the doors of the Stadtmuseum. The Japanese schoolchildren will show you how to create little treasures with some simple hand movements.

Admission: free