15th Japan Day Düsseldorf/NRW: Experience the fascinating Far East on the banks of the Rhine

On 21 May, Japan Day Düsseldorf/NRW will once again bring an authentic Far Eastern atmosphere to the Rhine. As a long-standing Japanese hub in Europe, the state capital Düsseldorf will be expecting many hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Imaginative costumes, traditional robes and a colourful spectacle with a breathtaking stage programme, fireworks and cosplay will all shape the Japan Day Düsseldorf/NRW. Numerous information and demonstration pavilions will offer visitors the opportunity to experience the full diversity of Japanese culture – from culinary specialities to athletic displays to many joining-in activities.

Various stages will present both traditional Japanese culture and its pop culture. Over the course of a unique, eleven-hour programme, more than 400 performers will appear on the main Burgplatz stage alone, on the day of the event. On the Rhine embankment promenade, visitors can marvel at the fascinating costumes of the many Japan and cosplay fans who have travelled here to take part.

As every year, the highlight and grand finale of the festival will be a spectacular display of Japanese fireworks which will light up the sky above the Rhine after darkness falls.