Sponsored by Japan Airlines

Cosplay Competition

In cooperation with Dokomi, the cosplay competition will take place on the Popkultur-Bühne. The award ceremony will then take place at around 5:35 pm on the main stage in cooperation with JAL. The main prize is a round trip to Japan sponsored by Japan Airlines.


Registration for the cosplay competition traditionally takes place on site.

Where? Backstage area of the Popkulturbühne

When? From 11:30am -01:00pm 

The number of participants is limited!


Terms of participation:

For legal reasons, you must register under your real name. You can enter the name by which you would like to be called and addressed in the "chosen name" field.

A supplementary ID will be recognised in conjunction with your identity card.

To take part in the cosplay competition, you must be 18 years of age or have a declaration of consent from your parents.

Please note that registration is linked to an appearance on stage (show run).

Participants must arrive at least 30 minutes before the competition to receive a stage briefing!

Should a participant wilfully deceive the jury, this may also lead to disqualification after the competition.

Are you an experienced cosplayer and would like to be part of the jury? Please contact us at: [email protected] Subject: #CosplayJury

The personal contribution to the production of the cosplay should be recognisable.

The cosplay must not be too revealing in order to be acceptable to an underage audience. Costumes that do not sufficiently cover the genital area are prohibited.

The German Weapons Act applies to cosplay weapons. We reserve the right. We reserve the right to exclude weapons if they could violate laws or pose a danger to participants.

See also: Cosplay weapon rules on the Dokomi page.

Only game/manga and TV productions from JAPAN are allowed to participate in the cosplay contest. Bear with us, we will not know every character, so you can submit a proof for unknown characters, here a wiki/fandom page is sufficient.

Genderbender variants, such as a female Monkey D. Ruffy, or humanised variants of non-humanoid characters (animals, Pokemon, etc.) are permitted for the cosplay contest. 
However, the character or figure must be recognisable at first glance.

The recreation of skin colours to represent another earthly ethnicity is prohibited.  This also includes non-terrestrial ethnicities that match terrestrial ethnicities.

The wearing of forbidden symbols or being mistaken for them is not permitted.

Any actions are prohibited on stage that are not part of the competition or do not rule out endangering the participants/audience. (e.g. political messages, stage diving)

Data protection notice

When you register, your name, date of birth and a contact telephone number will be documented. These will be deleted and destroyed after a period of 4 weeks at the latest.